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Ray tracing of curved surfaces

Ray tracing of curved surfaces which are based on meshes of triangles. The triangles define through the view-dependent intersection algorithm curved surfaces.
  • set of images (stored as .jpg) as contained in the article published in Computer Graphics Forum:

    Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 left Figure 8 right Figure 9 left Figure 9 right Figure 10 left Figure 10 right Figure 11 left Figure 11 right Figure 12 left Figure 12 right Figure 13 Figure 14 left Figure 14 right Figure 15 left Figure 15 right Figure 18 Figure 19 left Figure 19 right Figure 21 left Figure 21 right

  • Small animation [2.1MB] which shows an object modeled with 976 patches including reflexions in a mirror and reflexions of other objects on the curved object. The smooth silhouettes are easy to observe.

  • The same animated object [2.1MB] but modeled with simple triangles. The silhouettes appear as polylines.

  • Small animation [2.3MB] which shows a cylinder modeled with 16 patches including reflexions on the ground plane and shadows due to several light sources. It can be observed that the patches can be joined either smoothly or defining a sharp edge (tap of the cylinder).

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